I-277 & 11th St underpass over light rail track & walkway in Charlotte. Painted in sky blue with cobalt blue & orange diagonal, repeating, lined patterns down sides of concrete support ballasts. Mesh-like & organic patterns in various bright colors throughout.

Halcyon Idyll I & II 

Murals & Signal House Wrap

Halcyon Idyll I: 67’ w x 20’ h, Halcyon Idyll II: 109’ w x 35’ h, Signal house: 10’ w x 10’ h x 42’ l Enamel on concrete murals and digital media on vinyl wrap

CATS Transit Lynx Light Rail Blue Line Expansion Commission

I-277 and 11th Street overpass murals with imagery reflecting architectural and organic elements; a wish that our ever growing city can coexist with nature. I worked closely with the CATS Transit Art-In-Transit staff and engineers during construction of the Blue Line light rail expansion to bring this large-scale project to fruition.