10’ h x 50’ w colorful, whimsical, abstract window film over slow-changing, multi-colored LED lightbox. Above Leroy Fox in Charlotte’s Southend. Collaboration with Christopher Hoslton for I Heart Rail Trail 2021.

Lover’s Lighthouse

Light installation collaboration with Christopher Holston
Window film, building wrap, led lighting, 10’ h x 50’ w
I Heart Rail Trail temporary commission, Charlotte, NC

We created an illuminated lightbox in the second story conference room of 1616 Camden. Our design of colorful cutout shapes came to life Illuminated from within by rotating and slow changing LED lights causing the colors to change and shapes to dance. The lighthouse was meant to be a beacon for love, seeming to bellow air, portraying a space that appears alive and touching upon how at times, 2020 seemed to be the year of taking a deep breath for so many.