Sharon Dowell curating textile art Modified Exhibition for Gallery c3 in Charlotte, NC.

Modifyed Exhibition, featuring Francisco Gonzalez, Seirin Nagano, Jonathan Pritchard, Kat Sánchez Standfield, Ivan Toth – Depeña, Jason Watson

Gallery c3 at Alchemy, Charlotte, NC

Commonality is found in these works through the modification of non-traditional materials, breaking the bounds of specific academic categories, and the questioning or shifting of reality. The play of scale in Sánchez-Standfield’s vibrant and ever changing weavings, the obsessive mark-making and melding of the sacred and abandoned in Watson’s work, Nagano’s push and pull of physical and psychological spaces questioning existence, Depeña’s, Pritchard’s and Gonzalez’s often intentional chaotic layering and experimentation with material—all are in some way speaking to the accumulation of smaller components to create a greater whole.